(C) Style System Corp is a Company leader in Latin America of Web Hosting Service; Radio Live 24 hs. Unic supplier with own Satellite connected to the Backbone of Internet offering 99,9% Uptime.Take Total Control of your Website with a Panel Intuitive and without numbers of Pre-Install Software to harness and to operate the 100% its project in Internet.
Through several societies with Companies leaders in Software and Industries (C)Style System Corp. has evolved like Central source of solutions in the lodging field. Placed between the 50 better companies it lodges more than 1500 servers, and providing with accomodations more than 250.000 Domain in All the Globe.
Our Company looks for to continue and so we do better: To offer reliable lodging, of high quality with exceptional support and the best cost benefit
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Our staff with more of 450 Professionals in Networking are opened for helping in any situation and the different levels of Support endorses Our Services with Premiun Quality. By means of Tickets of consultation, our commitment will be to attend the 24 hs. If it needs an answer in emergency for technical subjects, our resources are ready to be used when you need them.
The radio transmission by Internet nowadays happens to be one of essential factors (C) Style System Has Own Satellite to offer an effective service, with servers located in the EU Being offered a superb rapidity, Rents the time that wishes for your special events. Our Service guarantees 99,9% to you of the time whereas to others cut them.